Fair and Lovely Face Wash Side Effects [Shocking Results]

Fair and Lovely Face Wash Side Effects

Fair and Lovely! We are all familiar with this brand, this brand is being widely used since there will hardly any women on this planet who doesn’t want to get fair. These brands are advertised daily for their skin whitening effects. On some skins, they work and on some skins, they don’t. One such product is Fair and lovely face wash, which is used to get fair skin.

These creams as I mentioned, they work well on some skins and they don’t on some skins, the main problem with this product is that the manufacturers of these creams make the most of the consumer’s psychological obsession by enticing them with fanciful advertisements.

A lot of debates have arisen due to a specific publication about the side effects of these brands.

Let’s take a look at how these face washes are harmful to all of us in this article I will tell you some of the most common fair and lovely face wash side effects.

Main Side Effects Of Fair And Lovely Face Wash

1. Due to the excessive use of fair and lovely face wash, your skin becomes photosensitive. Due to which your skin becomes sun reluctant because of that one can encounter problems like itching of skin getting rashes your skin can turn red and you can even land with getting Even use of any type of facial mask or pack on such a skin may exacerbate the problem.

2. You can grow skin acne due to prolong use of this face wash. This is one of the significant problems the whole world is facing. They are very irritating and destroys your looks. Avoid using the fair and lovely face wash and even any other face wash to the extent that you end up having acne on your skin.

3. The next side effect in the fair and lovely face wash side effects list is that if you use these sorts of face wash daily for more than once a day this can lead to wrinkles on your face. The problem with this type of face wash is that they give instant results. Once you use them they will bring shine to your face but later they accumulate a hell of a lot of skin problems if not used with proper precautions.

4. The excessive use of fair and lovely face wash can bring down or disturb your PH value, this can over-dry your skin and this will ultimately lead to making your skin too sensitive to the sun.

5. One of the significant problems that you can face by using a fair and lovely face wash is that if you use it too much or to some people it happens in one or two washes itself that your natural oil from your skin is lost this can lead to skin irritation and it can even affect the shine you of your face.

6. Next on the list for fair and lovely face wash side effects is, they are very heavy and too harsh when it comes to using this face wash directly on pimples. If you apply face wash directly on pimples this will burn your skin. And even create unhealthy-looking patches. It is advisable to dilute the face wash with water and then apply.

fair and lovely facewash side effects

7. The use of face wash directly depends on the type of skin you have. We have two types of skin dry and oily skin. And it is advised many times that use the product depending upon your skin. The fair and lovely face wash is generally for oily skin. That means it is used to clear oil from the skin. If you use this face wash on dry skin this will make your skin more and drier. This will ultimately lead to making your skin dull, and as if your skin has lost and again this will also make your skin too tight which even you can feel and will ultimately lead to pain while you talk or laugh.

8. Moisture loss is one of the significant problems due to such face wash. The regular use of these facewash makes your skin lose moisture. This will affect your skin too much hence again it is advisable not to use face wash too much and always apply a suitable moisturizer to your skin so that your skin and can gain again whatever moisture is lost.


  • The first thing is that never use face wash more than once a day. You can in an extreme situation but try avoiding that situation.
  • The second is that first make your face wet properly and wash your face with regular water. Then gently apply face wash. And rub slowly, being harsh while using this can harm your skin pores.
  • Always use regular water to wash your face. Never use hot water for this purpose since once you use the face wash your skin has become sensitive and hot water can harm it.
  • Before using any type of face wash please understand your skin type, and depending upon what you have to use face wash.
  • Use fair and lovely face wash once a day to get a better result.

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Final Words

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